ecdl advanced presentations

Contact Us ECDL® Certification Advanced Presentations How to use a presentation application to its full potential to design and create effective, high-impact presentations. Create sophsticated presentations tailored to your target audience and venue. Build custom templates, format backgrounds, apply slide show settings, and control a slide show. Master the tools for creating and inserting custom …

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ecdl web editing

Get in touch ECDL® CertificationWeb Editing How to use HTML, CSS and images to build, update and publish websites on the Internet. Read and create HTML, and use a basic web authoring software app to create HTML pages. Design web page layouts, format text, insert images, and work with hyperlinks and tables. Build CSS stylesheets …

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ecdl spreadsheets

Get in touch ECDL® Certification Spreadsheets How to use a spreadsheet to record, layout, analyse, graph and report on data using a spreadsheet application. Make numbers work for you by learning how to use spreadsheets to record and analyse data. Format numbers and text, and use functions to create mathematical and logical formulas. Manage multiple …

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ecdl project planning

Get in touch ECDL® CertificationProject Planning How to use project management software to plan and review the progress of projects. Understand key project management concepts, and use popular apps to create and manage projects. Schedule and reschedule projects tasks, and add and update constraints and deadlines to a project. Assign costs and resources to tasks, …

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ecdl online collaboration

Get in touch ECDL® Certification Online Collaboration Work smarter by using web-based collaborative tools such as productivity apps, social media and calendars. Become familiar with popular online tools for productivity, social media, web meetings and elearning. Use cloud-based storage platforms, and work with online calendars to schedule and synchronise activities. Collaborate, co-create and interact with …

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Thank you

 Thank you For your interest in ECDL for You.We will be in touch shortly to discuss this further. ECDL Foundation Latest News Loading …

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#ittc18 Irish Computer Society, 87-89 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Tuesday, 24 April 2018 National IT Training Conference 2018 This year’s National IT Training Conference (ITTC) will take place on 24 April 2018 at ICS Building, Ballsbridge Dublin D4. The theme of the conference will be: what does it take for educational and training organisations to …

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Get In Touch One world of opportunities. One standard in digital skills. No certification equips more organisations for the opportunities of the digital economy than ECDL. COUNTRIES 100 GRADUATES 10 million LANGUAGES 20 In Ireland we have helped over 700,000 learners upskill and move forward in their careers and lives. Discover how we can help …

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Purchase Your Toolkit Skills FOR YOU. Whatever your interest or career ambition, there is an ECDL course suitable for you. Skills for the workforce. Boosts employee productivity with upskilling from ECDL. Skills FOR SCHOOLS. Learn about Ireland’s leading IT education solution for second-level schools.   19 Years of Experience Developed in 1997, the goal for …

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