The importance of productivity in the workplace is irrefutable. Having the appropriate digital skills in an organisation increases effectiveness and efficiency, as well as improving staff well-being and morale due to reduced stress and more efficient workload management.

ICDL is Ireland’s leading digital skills certification. With a wide range of modules to choose from, ICDL offers your employees the real world digital skills they need to excel and become more productive at their job. ICDL certification assures you that your staff have the skills they need.

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Upskill your employees to increase productivity and efficiency – offer ‘the Digital Skills Standard’ 

ICDL’s flexible, cost-effective solution makes it easy for employers to offer the high-quality digital skills training and certification sought after by public and private sector organisations worldwide. 

We provide you with everything your employees need for certification success. Our cloud-based system is simple to implement and manages the entire certification process. High quality learning materials, diagnostic assessments and certification tests are included with every module. We also provide digital certificates, which are easily shared and verified. 

Our products offer you choice and flexibility, ensuring maximum value and minimal administration. Select any combination of modules from any ICDL programmes, to suit your staff skills needs.

Digital skills are essential in all walks of life – especially in the new world of remote and flexible work practices. At Pitman Training we have been delighted to work with ICDL as they have introduced new modules and excellent e-supports”

Joan Donnellan, Contracted Training Manager, ICE Group

Benefits for employers

ICDL increases productivity in everyday and specialised tasks

ICDL has a range of modules focusing on productivity skills central to the world of work and more advanced skills for those in technology reliant roles across sectors.

Certification validates employees’ digital skills competence

Certification offers you proof of return on investment. You can ensure your staff are appropriately trained in the skills they need for their roles.

Wide module range, flexible combinations to tailor learning profiles for each employee

Our range of 29 modules means there will be something for all staff. You can choose the exact modules relevant to each employee to build a targeted training programme. This ensures you’re not wasting the training budget or your staff time.

ICDL also gives your trainees and apprentices the digital capability for work-based learning and to improve employment outcomes.

Cost-effective way to upskill your staff in workplace-relevant skills

ICDL is a completely flexible programme which means you can implement it as part of your training offering as you wish. There are no set or minimum numbers of modules that must be completed so your employees receive certification in just the skills they need.

ICDL modules are available in cost-effective easy-to-purchase and adminster packs.

Benefits for your employees

Gain confidence in day-to-day tasks

Employees will benefit from bridging any gaps in knowledge of how to use software and find more efficient ways to perform tasks.

ICDL modules have been designed to empower workers for the digital workplace. Whether that is getting to grips with working remotely, understanding and recording data trends or becoming an online brand ambassador.

Develop advanced digital skills in specialised areas

With ICDL covering around 30 different subjects on offer, modules such as Financial Spreadsheets, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics ensure your staff can broaden their skillsets.

Learn online

Learning materials provided with each module can be accessed as and when needed, fitting perfectly around work and personal commitments.

Digital certificates detail accomplishments

Digital certificates provide validated evidence of skills and competence. No matter the number of modules your staff take, they will receive an ICDL digital certificate detailing their achievements.

Solutions for management staff to explore emerging technologies

ICDL Insights modules are the perfect introduction to new and emerging technologies, allowing management staff to keep abreast of technological developments.

Creating your employees’ ICDL profile

Some examples of how an ICDL profile can target the specific skills your staff need:

View our full module range on our programmes page here.

ICDL is demanded worldwide

Employers across Ireland continue to demand ICDL as evidence of digital skills and governments around the world have implemented ICDL in large scale initiatives, upskilling cohorts of their populations to improve job prospects and increase productivity within the workforce. Find out more in our references brochure here.

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