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It’s that time of year to start planning the autumn course schedule. When thinking about the modules you want to choose for your courses and learners, we know ICDL now has lot to choose from. So take a look below at how some of our modules group well together and complement your learning objectives. Beyond …

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Assessing IT skills with free practice tests

All ICDL courses offer free online practice tests called Diagnostic Tests to help you diagnose what digital skills you need to work on the most. What is an ICDL diagnostic test? Diagnostic tests are a kind of practice or mock assessment of your skills for a specific ICDL course. They contain similar questions to the …

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ICDL testing during the Covid-19 crisis

ICDL Europe will be remaining active during the Covid-19 crisis to help support all users of the ICDL programme in Europe. While this is an exceptionally difficult time, we will be taking steps to support the continued operation of the ICDL programme in Europe. ICDL Europe is working closely with National Operators of the ICDL …

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Digital skills in an uncertain world

Life has changed suddenly and the skills we need to cope with this new reality have changed too. By Mary Cleary, the Secretary-General of the Irish Computer Society, which runs Tech Week. We often talk about life skills and in “normal” times, there is little disagreement on what those are. Apart from specific job-related skills, literacy, numeracy …

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ICDL Ireland wins European Best Practice award

ICDL Ireland won for the second year in a row at this year’s European Best Practice awards for the launch of our new digital certificates for ICDL candidates. Since June 2019 almost 50,000 students have been sent their digital certificate. ICDL Ireland and Irish Computer Society CEO Jim Friars said, ‘I am delighted to see …

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Why we need flexible learning for everyone

Just as today’s employees, students and citizens need to be flexible, so do the programmes on offer. Whether we are preparing students for the workforce for the first time, helping them get back into the workforce or preparing them for further study, we share a responsibility to ensure they have the right mix of competences. …

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Up to 100% funding available to SMEs for ICDL eLearning

Up to 100% funding is now available to SMEs for ICDL eLearning, testing and certification through the Skills To Advance programme. Skills to Advance is a new government initiative that offers upskilling and reskilling opportunities to employees in lower level jobs. It benefits employees and SMEs through education and training. Additionally, Skills to advance can …

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Why there’s more to digital marketing than you think

You may not have realised, but digital marketing encompasses a wide range of skills, including copywriting, editing, email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, video production, analytics, content management, user experience and business strategy. A long list you’ll agree. This means that there is a wide variety of career options for anyone who has a …

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